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Multi-Factor Authentication

Powered by the strength of Innovis data, FailSafe® is a layered, multi-factor authentication tool that is designed to help establish "proof of presence" in an interaction. With minimal IT investment and training, we can replace traditional out-of-wallet questions and basic passcode number generators with a more sophisticated and innovative solution.

Stop Fraudsters

Stop Fraudsters from redirecting calls and/or passcodes intended for your customer. Start with a phone number you can trust, layer your trusted phone with our real-time detection of hijacked phones and High Velocity Fraud Behavior, and then experience how our Velocity alerts create a safety net – identifying abnormal patterns that threat detection alone may miss.

Studies have shown...


Phone Numbers and Addresses not matching the Innovis database were 4x more likely to result in fraud


reduction in fraud when using FailSafe


reduction in call handle time when using FailSafe


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